ENFASYS Engineering has a highly qualified technical development team consisting of 7 people (one software engineer and 6 industrial engineers, two of whom are doctors), 3 of whom, in addition to investors, are employed by the company; other 3 are investors and form part of the external scientific and technical advisory board of the company (as they are employed by the University).

ENFASYS Engineering

Nixén Fernández García-Jove

CEO (co-founder)

Marcos Cuadrado Vega

CTO – Software (co-founder)

Ramy Georgious Zaher Georgious

CTO – Hardware (co-founder)

José Manuel Piedra Fernández

Industrial Engineer



Pablo García Fernández

Scientific Director (co-founder)

José Ángel Fernández Rubiera

External Adviser (co-founder)

Geber Villa Fernández

External Adviser (co-founder)