ENFASYS products and services allow the transparent integration of distributed resources (generation and storage) in distribution networks. For this purpose, a hardware system has been developed, supported by software services that enable the following functionalities:

In the design/engineering stage

Optimization of the future installation, considering its dimensioning, projection of its operation and useful life and maximization of the return on investment. In this phase the system brings together information from different sources to make a much more comprehensive design than that developed by manufacturers or installation companies. The same hardware and software services as those used in the exploitation stage are used here for development. All hardware/software specifications are based on an open system philosophy and use of standards, greatly reducing development time and reuse of components from one project to the next.

In the operation stage: Customer point of view

A complete integration of all the devices in the installation is carried out, so that all the management is done from a single point. Using standard communication protocols, the interoperability of the system and the independence of the solution from particular manufacturers is ensured, thus allowing a reduction in costs. From the customer’s point of view, the installation becomes plug-and-play, greatly reducing start-up problems.

At the operation stage: Operator point of view.

The ENFASYS system allows the system operator to centrally manage all the sub-systems that make up an installation. The following features are provided: integration with the leading manufacturers of solar generation and storage solutions; immediate connection with meters and energy flow recording systems; sending data to central control systems; integration with cloud computing services.


The solution proposed by ENFASYS is comprehensive, enabling the design of energy flow management applications at all stages, from concept simulation and analysis using a computer, to the actual management and monitoring of the whole system already in real operation. In short, ENFASYS‘s main product consists of a platform composed of electronic equipment and a set of libraries and software applications that facilitate the design of control systems in electrical energy conversion applications (electrical energy flow through power converters).

The figure above shows a schematic view of a distribution network considering the connection of distributed resources through power converters for use as generation, storage or consumption systems. How does the ENFASYS platform work? By connecting to the different devices through the use of standard communications protocols, it is possible to monitor and control them. In this way, a complete control of the power flows is achieved with very reduced response times. This allows to increase the benefit of the installation, to reduce the losses by distribution of energy in the network and to minimize the cost of the energy.

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