Control solutions for energy storage systems.

Simple operations with no surprises.

We develop control solutions for energy storage systems based on Li-ion batteries.

The vertical integration of the Enfasys control system is at the forefront of the market, with comprehensive knowledge of both the internal workings and operation of the system.

When integrating a electrical grided storage system, a single point of access to the outside is needed to bring together all system information. Using Enfyo as the control element, the Enfasys solution integrates communications and coordination with all communications subsystems, the power inverter and the system operator using standards (IEEE 1547/IEEE 2030.5) to facilitate remote operation of the distributed resource.


At the module level, Enfasys has extensive experience in BMS development. Passive/active equalization based solutions are provided for modules with different series/parallel cell configurations. Alternatives are included for standalone operation or integrated with string and bank level control systems. There are options with different communication buses (CAN, IsoSPI, Modbus-TCP). The development of SoC, SoH, SoF and RUL algorithms is included.


At string level, the Enfasys solution allows the integration of modules connected in series. The maximum number of modules is determined by the selected communication bus and architectures up to 24 serial elements have been validated. The control system integrates both the management of measurements and protections at string level and the implementation of algorithms when used in conjunction with slave BMS.


In high energy/power solutions, string parallelisation is the architecture of choice, forming power banks. The ENFASYS proposal is scalable and allows the control of these elements and the integration with the different lower level control systems (Module and String) and the upper level (System).