Scale your electrical grid asset control solution to the cloud using our platform.


Monitoring, Management and Analysis from a single place.

The Enfasys Cloud platform allows you to manage all your assets and facilities from a single location. Access data from all devices in real time, perform data analysis using visual tools and time series databases and make decisions based on comparative tools that allow you to optimise the operation of all your electrical grid resources.

Subscription to complementary services.

Access to subscription-based services for the optimisation of distributed resources.

The optimisation of distributed resources and their integration with the electricity grid requires access to online services. This allows us to project the price of energy in the future, as well as having weather tools that facilitate planning the management of storage systems.

The platform provides access to these services and distributes the information between Enfyo devices.


Integration with your own management system.

The Enfasys Cloud platform integrates with your own management system, so that all the information used to manage distributed resources is available wherever you need it. Plugins to the most popular cloud services are provided, as well as the development of customised proprietary connections.

All this with data security as the cornerstone of the system.

Access from any device