Digital solution for the control of assets in electrical distribution electrical grids and distributed generation facilities.
Manage your energy.

Much more than speed


Agnostic control system.

Independently manage your assets from the different technologies of each manufacturer.

Embrace standards.

Integrate your control system using the latest standards for digital management of power grids and distributed resources (IEEE 1547, 2030.5).

Control the entire installation from the same place.

Enfyo acts as an installation controller, enabling control and monitoring of generation and storage systems.

Energy efficiency.

Generation of optimal power references for each of the systems.

Real-time management.

Response time of less than 2s for real-time control of power flows.

Power and versatility

An architecture with two independent dedicated processors.

One as a digital signal controller, it allows to execute tasks with hard real-time constraints in the micro-second range, as well as providing access to the I/O peripherals used for interfacing sensors (A/D converters and digital inputs) and actuators (digital and PWM outputs).

The latter allows both hard real-time constrained tasks in the millisecond range and those dedicated to high-performance computation and advanced algorithmics, communications and storage.


A complete ecosystem.

From the devices involved in the measurement and control of assets to their integration with the data processing and decision-making system running in the cloud.

Through vertical integration of asset monitoring and control solutions (generation and storage systems), Enfasys' technology allows to incorporate a comprehensive knowledge of the entire system and to adapt to the rules of an electricity market that is immersed in the biggest revolution of the last 100 years.


Connect to any element of your electrical grid.

It links to multiple commercial equipment; from solar inverters, to dedicated storage converters, to meters, reducing installation time and configuration.

Functioning as a communications hub, it integrates connections to fieldbuses (CAN, isoSPI); IEEE 802.X (Ethernet, WiFi) and Bluetooth LTE.

Customer service

"Talk to us on a one-to-one basis".

Solutions for your peace of mind.

We know how much you appreciate having someone on the other end of the phone when problems arise, at Enfasys we strive to be able to respond efficiently and in a very short time.

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